Glide Calc


Glide Calc is a glide distance calculator that uses offline airport data and topography maps to help you keep track of your best landing options in case of an emergency. Glide Calc was designed to be convenient and require little input from the user. After you input your aircraft’s glide ratio once, calculating your current glide distance is simple as switching to the app.

Glide Calc works by using your device’s GPS position and altitude, aircraft glide ratio and offline topography database to calculate your current glide distance. To further assist you, Glide Calc displays nearby airports, indicates which ones might be in glide distance and even highlights runways with your preferred minimum runway length. Glide Calc does this by using an offline airport database that includes not only public airports but also thousands of private strips. With a tap of your finger, you can pull up info on an airport including distance to the airport, runway lengths, surface types, lighting and more. You can even open the airport in ForeFlight*.

Glide Calc also provides many useful functions in calculating your glide distance including calculating your above ground level altitude and displaying the distance from your aircraft to airports.

Glide Calc only shows detailed maps of the continental US. The offline airport database only includes United State’s airports. Glide Calc supports metric units and can calculate glide distance anywhere in the world. Wind and terrain is not taken into account when calculating glide distance.

*Must have ForeFlight installed on your device.

Note: If you have a comment about Glide Calc or would like to report a bug, please email unfarmed[dot]technologies[at]gmail[dot]com.